The Advantages and Disadvantages of Petrol Lawn Mowers


There are three main types of petrol lawn mowers, the rotary mowers, cylinder or reel mowers and ride on lawn mowers and even with the environmental issues associated with tools that are run on petrol, these mowers continue to be a favorite of gardeners and landscape professionals. There are several reasons for this and the fact that they are very efficient machines is just one of many.

One major advantage of these mowers that run on petrol is the freedom of movement that comes with them. Since they are not electric and not tied to any cord, they are easy to move from one end of the lawn to another. This is particularly important for medium to large sized lawns that you have the flexibility of a cordless lawn mower.

Another advantage of these mowers and the chief reason why they are still in such high demand is the fact that they are really reliable. Even though they require regular maintenance, it is possible to use one of these for several years without the need for replacement. As they are usually for heavy use since they are more powerful than the electric mowers, this is even more remarkable which is probably why landscaping professionals and professional gardeners are loyal to them.

Petrol lawn mowers come in several brands and sizes and the variety is a huge incentive for purchase. This is due to the fact that they might be slightly pricier than other mowers, but is usually one for every budget. It is just a matter of finding the brand and the size. This wide range of choice makes it a favorite among users.

There are some disadvantages with these mowers such as the cost of petrol and the problem of mowing tight corners and edges. The noise from these mowers should also be taken into consideration as they are noisier than electric lawn mowers for instance. However, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. They make it easier to mow the lawn with less energy and in less time. These machines also need regular servicing and sometimes parts need to be replaced to keep the mower in tip top condition that will last you for years.

Petrol lawn mowers are mowers that stand the test of time. They are reliable and durable and will be a great addition to your gardening arsenal. They are versatile and because of some clever engineering they make your life much easier.


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