Four Factors For Taking Great Pictures


Taking pictures is a fun way for people to capture moments in time that are special and unique to them.  Whether it’s taking pictures for Utah wedding photography, Salt Lake City modeling photography or simply catching your kids playing a game in the backyard, pictures are priceless piece of art that helps us save our memories.  By taking the background, the lighting, distance and the subject into consideration prior to snapping the shot, pictures will turn out clear and colorful.

The background of a picture can make or break a beautiful image.  For instance, if a person is trying to take a picture of their child at a park, they will want the playground equipment, trees and other landscaping in the background.  If they take their photos with a garbage can or other children in the back, it will detract from their child.  The focus wouldn’t be on their child doing something adorable.  It would be on the activity or structure behind them.  By being aware of all the surroundings, the person taking the picture can manage and control the subject of his or her pictures.

The lighting of a picture is probably the most important thing for a person to consider in every picture they take.  They need to know if they should use a flash, move into more sunlight, position a subject in a more shady area and what time of day is best for achieving the look they want in their pictures.  Using a flash is helpful and often necessary.  However, this form of unnatural light may not provide the correct shadowing or color on the subject of the pictures.  Prior to a photo session, the photographer should decide if they can capture their images with or without a flash.  If they choose to not use a flash they will need to make sure there is enough natural light.  If taken indoors, they may have to position their subjects near windows where sunlight is a premium.  If outdoors, they will need to control the amount of sunlight because too much can be detrimental to pictures as well.

Another factor that helps improve the quality of pictures is accurately managing the distance between the photographer and the subject.  Many times, it is beneficial to get up close and personal when taking pictures of people.  This is especially true with kids.  By zoning in on a face, smile or other body part, a person can photograph the texture, color and essence of their images.  This type of candid picture taking is a modern way in which people can really capture their subject’s personality, sense of humor and natural beauty.

Lastly, great picture taking really depends on the mood and state of the subject matter.  The more a photographer knows the person or the thing they are shooting, the better the pictures will be.  For instance, if a person wants to take pictures of their baby, they should time their photo session around the child’s sleeping and eating schedules.  By making sure their baby is awake and fed, they are more likely to have a happy and agreeable subject to photograph.  Cheerful and willing subjects lead to great pictures that will last a lifetime.


Source by Chuck R Stewart

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