Simplicity Lawn Mowers Are a Wise Choice


If you want a tractor mower that is easy to operate and comfortable to ride look into the line of Simplicity Lawn Mowers, Inc. Formed in 1922, the company is under the Briggs & Stratton umbrella and has been long known for quality and craftsmanship. Their mowers are durable and perform well for years, well beyond their warranties. Three models stand out in customer satisfaction:

The Javelin. Ranging between $3200 and $3900, this lawn mower can zip along at a speed of 6 mph in forward and 3 MPH in reverse mode. The design is a single framed system with front springs that makes not only the ride smooth but the mowing even. It offers six different height options by a lever that is easy to control from the driver’s seat. In fact, Simplicity has designed the Javelin so that all the controls are within easy reach. The seats are extra padded, as are the foot rests, and the tires measure 18 inches in diameter, yet it has a zero turn radius. It literally can turn on a dime. The gas tank holds up to 3 gallons, enough to handle most yards front and back without refueling. The engine is made by Briggs & Stratton, the parts form Koehler and the transmission is provided by Hydro Gear® EZT. Models range in horsepower from 16 to 40.

The Coronet. Is a bit smaller Simplicity Lawn Mower that provides between 13 and 16 HP and operates on electric power. It has two patented design features – the Ground Hugger™ and Auto Leveller™ – which work together to provide a clean, even cut of 30-34 inches in width. The turning radius is around 12 inches, so it is not as tight as the Javelin’s. However, like the Javelin, you can adjust the height f the cut while you operate it through their Dial-A-Cut™ system. Its price range is $2450-2850.

The Regent Simplicity Lawn Mower. This riding mower is the flagship model. Simplicity calls it their most aesthetically pleasing and useful riding mower. Customers seem to agree, placing it as one of the best on the market today. The seat and cab are ergonomically designed to provide both comfort and practicality. People say it is like riding in a car. If you have a yard that is more than an acre, this is worth considering. It sports a rear pivot transmission and a torsion bar suspension. These two things secure the mower to give it better balance and traction, especially on hilly land. The foot controls are easy to reach and keeps your hands on the wheel, so you can turn directions with ease. It averages around $2600 – $3200 and has 18 -24HP motor with the option of a 38″, 44″ or 46″ floating deck. The turning radius is 14 inches. It also has a 3.5 gallon gas tank, cruise control and an automatic transmission.

Other popular models are the Citation, the Legacy, the Axion and the Broadmoor. No matter what your lawn needs are, whether you want to stripe patterns like a pro, or just keep your lawn trimmed and neat, there is a Simplicity Lawn Mower for you.


Source by J Reilley

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