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Quite simply, Tunturi make some of the best exercise bikes on the market and arguably make the best display consoles of any bike. The company makes different models to suit different fitness and feature-list requirements. The bikes range from mid-price to expensive. You could do far worse than opt for one of its machines. To help you along, here are some reviews of Tunturi bikes.

Tunturi are a Finnish company and its exercise equipment is very popular in Europe. Recently, its equipment is making inroads in the U.S., which isn’t surprising when you take at look at what’s on offer. Few competitors can match their build quality, feature-list and stylish looks.

What is fairly unique to Tunturi, though how long this will last before others also incorporate it into their products, is the ergometer function found on most of its bikes. What’s really cool about ergometers is that they provide detailed feedback on a variety of data during a workout. They’re useful if you want to repeat the same exercise routine, or monitor your calorie consumption during your workout.

Tunturi exercise bikes come with the best display consoles of any machine available. Many users, especially at entry-level, like displays that give great feed back, and are easily read and understood. A display should provide the motivation a user needs during a workout. The company provides two main types of display; T-Ride and T-Road.

The T-Ride is the base level display for the Ergometer bike range. The 3.8″ color LCD console tracks speed, distance, time, heart rate, energy consumption and effort. There are a number of landscape programs where slope affects the training intensity. Obviously, going uphill increases the intensity of the workout while going downhill decreases it. What’s nice about Tunturi’s bikes is that when in downhill mode the bike responds and feels exactly the same as if you cycling outdoors.

The T-Road is the more advanced display. The 7″ color LCD console displays the workout program as a real life, outdoor video stream. The video is perfectly synchronized with the intensity changes of the program; the faster you pedal, the faster the landscape changes.

The Tunturi F30 is the base level upright bike and retails for around $300. Its plus points are that it has built-in grip sensors and its recovery heart rate measurement evaluates fitness in just 60 seconds. It also comes with magnetic resistance of 9 levels. However, this model does lack the ergometer function and does not come with either the T-Ride or T-Road console.

The E40 is the next model up retailing for around $600. It does have an ergometer function and you get T-Ride console with 5 preset programs. You also get T-Scale, which allows you to edit and adjust the 10 pre-set HRC, power and resistance programs even whilst you’re working out. You select the training duration based on your target time and scale the training intensity based on your personal requirements. One drawback is that the wireless heart rate monitor comes only as an optional extra.

The E60 upright model retails for around $750. You get the same features as the E40 but you also get the wireless heart rate monitor. This machine would suit any serious cyclist.

The E80 is the top-end upright retailing for around $1,000. Additions to the E60 include the T-Road console, a race function, USB PC connection, 512 Mb USB memory stick included for data transfer and a versatile 20 user register for better feedback accuracy, personal settings and program memory. There is also an E85 version. The only difference between them is that the frame of the E85 is slightly different, being designed for the competitive cyclist. For the vast majority, the E80 is the better choice.

As well as uprights Tunturi also make recumbent exercise bikes. The models available are equivalent to their upright counterparts. Therefore the E40R has exactly the same features as that of the E40. Likewise the E60R is exactly the same as the E60. The E40R and E60R retails for around $800 and $1,000 resp.

They aren’t cheap but a Tunturi exercise bike does come with a ton of features and is extremely well built. If there is one criticism it is only about their price. Being imported does mean they are more expensive than other brands. But, having said that, they are still worth every penny if you take exercise seriously.


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