How Landscape Light Came to Be


If the caveman were to visit homes today and happened to show up at night, he would probably be amazed and terrified at the same time. Early man had only the sunlight to live by, once the sun went down, the light from the moon was not ample for all activities. For hundreds of years this was a fact that probably led to the ‘early to bed, early to rise’ philosophy, everything had to be accomplished during the daylight hours. Landscape light was yet to be discovered.

After the discovery of fire, man had a little more light at night to see by, but it still didn’t supply the amount of light that can be found in many landscapes today. It is believed by many historians that the first use of outdoor lighting was designed and installed by King Louis the XIV of France who was known for designing beautiful outdoor areas.

These areas were often vandalized and so the King, as it is told, designed and installed a type of primitive landscape light that would eventually lead to the use of light for outdoor areas everywhere. This shows that one of the earliest uses of landscape light was security and it remains one of the main uses of landscape lights today.

The progression of landscape lights and outdoor lighting in general has changed the way people live and work. It is safe to assume that the world today would not be the same if outdoor lighting were suddenly to disappear. Thankfully, the exact opposite is true. Outdoor lighting continues to grow and be available in more designs, styles, colors and even power options than ever before.

Landscape lights are used in home landscapes, business landscapes, parking lots and streets everywhere. They light up the landscape and welcome friends and family, highlight the exterior of commercial buildings and provide safety in parking lots and along streets.  Landscape lights are a part of history and will continue to be a part of life, as people know it.


Source by Sharon V Chapman

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